What is MIC


What is MiC




Modular Integrated Construction (MiC) is an innovative construction method. By adopting the concept of “factory assembly followed by on-site installation”, MiC helps to ease some of the current challenges faced by the local construction industry. In this method, free-standing integrated modules (completed with finishes, fixtures and fittings) are manufactured and assembled in a factory. By transferring on-site construction processes to a controlled factory environment, buildings can be substantially completed off-site. The adverse impacts of weather conditions, scarce labour resources and site constraints can all be substantially reduced. MiC provides a great degree of production quality control, and can improve construction productivity, safety and sustainability.


General Process of MIC

1. 項目設計 Project Design

組件供應商和本地承建商需在項目早期階段參與項目設計及發展 Early engagement of module supplier and local contractor is needed

設計需在項目早期定好 Design needs to be completed at an early stage

4. 運送組件往工地 Transportation of Modules to Site

運送闊度大於2.5米的組件時需提供特別的交通安排 Special traffic arrangement needs to be made for transportation of modular units with width larger than 2.5 meters

因應運輸和施工計劃,需要考慮臨時的儲存地點 Temporary storage location may need to be arranged, subject to the delivery and construction programme

2. 工程審批Seeking Statutory Approvals

設計需遵守《建築物條例》及 / 或其他相關要求 (如:《認可人士、註冊結構工程師及註冊岩土工程師作業備考ADV-36》) 及程序
The design needs to comply with the Buildings Ordinance and/or other relevant requirements (e.g. PNAP ADV-36 ) and procedures

5. 現場安裝 On-site Installation

在裝嵌組件後及在完成永久防水工程前,組件之間需進行臨時防水Upon stacking of modules, temporary waterproofing is required to be carried out before completion of permanent waterproofing

需要進行組件之間/組件到核心部件的連接工程(建築結構和機械、電氣及管道系統) Connection of module to module/module to core parts (Structural and Mechanical, Electrical & Plumping Systems) needs to be made

3. 廠房組裝 Production of Modules

在大量生產之前先要製作各個組件的樣板及進行測試Mock-ups and prototypes of each type of module are fabricated, checked and tested before mass production

應在廠房進行組件試裝 Trial assembly/stacking of modules in the factory should be carried out

打樁、地基工程及地下工程等現場施工工序可以同時進行 On-site construction activities, such as piling/foundation works, external underground utility works, etc., can be carried out concurrently